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Friday, 6 February 2009
The 2nd batch of accessories will be up in a few more days, stay tuned (:(: and continue supporting us.
Upcoming> Free Wrapping service for customer who spent $20 and abv. (:
But, for those who spent $20 and below, don't worry you still can get the wrapping service BUT you have to pay an additional of $1;D

With the effect of 6 feb onwards,

we have changed our system which is,
only customer who purchase $20 and abv. or 4 eye shimmers and abv. then we will arrange meet ups for them.

For those customer who purchase less than $20 or 1-3 eye shimmers, please opt for postage. thanks (:
[note: this does not applies to on going sprees]

For on going sprees, we will meet up unless the customer purchase more than 2 pieces.BUT, if we are doing mass meet ups, ignore this(: we will still meet you up even though you bought 1 piece provided it is a MASS MEETUPS (:(:

For any enquires, drop us a mail at (: thanks.

Hello there,
Please tag the correct board.
Please read before you purchase,especially the T&C.
No backouts, thanks. otherwise blacklisted=)
Leave your enquires if you have, we will reply asap (:
For more infomations, drop us a mail:D:D
unhappy with us? there's always a exit {x}

Urs Truly.
First of all, welcome to
we are myc (:
we love creating accessories of our own.
Please bear with us that our accessories took awhile to post up
as we are busy sometimes.
But don't worry, we will post it asap whenever we can.
Do drop us a tag or mail if you have any suggestions that we can improve.
we truly appreciates that
like any girls, we love shopping:D
Dun worry, we 100% won't scam (:
take a look what we sells!
take your time:)
Do let us know for a link back ^_^

shopper(s) loving us(:

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Mind what you`re tagging:D

ADS HERE! Once is enough.
If u banned us,
you will be banned too;D
but,sometimes cbox have error.
therefore,if they say u're banned
keep me informed at my enquires board (: and i'll unban you;D

Your Support;D
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